Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Truth Behind Purana Delays

The Victorian public have been fed a lie by Purana Taskforce. The whole drug-squad corruption thing is a smokescreen; the truth is, key evidence has been destroyed. Shortly before he was put down, Benji was entrusted with vital documents pertaining to The West Sunshine criminal portfolio. Whilst concealing bugs in his home, Purana detectives discovered a suspect mound in the rear left-hand corner of Benji's backyard. The stench of decaying flesh further raised their suspicion. The younger members - who always like to do things 'by the book' - were keen to call in Homicide, but the excitable Sergeant grabbed a nearby shovel and started digging. He uncovered not a body, but several large marrow bones, some old tennis balls, and the chewed remains of the West Sunshine documents. Recognising their significance, the Sergeant put them in plastic bags and sent them off for forensic. The report came back: the mauling of the documents had been so severe, the pieces left provided no conclusive evidence.