Friday, September 24, 2004

Melbourne Gangland Qiz: The Second Hit

1. Arrange these Melbourne mobsters into their respective Gangs under the headings Carlton Mob and Western Suburbs Clan:

Alfonso Gangitano, Lewis Moran, Victor Brincat, Graham Kinniburgh, Jason Moran, Carl Williams, Antonios Mokbel, Dominic Gatto, Andrew Veniamin, Milad Mokbel.

2. Who am I?

I was once a regular patron of Crown Casino's Mahogany Room.
I am known as a Gentleman.
As part of my protest against sharing one razor with 38 other prisoners, my normally close shaven chin now sports a salt and pepper beard.
My once portly, Lygon St waistline is said to be receding due to the light cream based pasta sauces that are derigeur at Port Phillip Prison.
I am...

3. Match these underworld identities with their aka's:

Alfonso Gangitano
Victor Brincat
Carl Williams

Dominic Gatto
Andrew Veniamin

Antonios Mokbel

Marathon Man
The Don
The Munster
The Truth
The Godfather

4. W
ho dobbed Carl Williams in for conspiring to murder Mario Condello?

5. What two words rang through the air seconds before Carl took a non-fatal bullet?

1. Western Suburbs Clan
Victor Brincat, Carl Williams, Antonios Mokbel, Milad Mokbel, Andrew Veniamin

Carlton Mob
Alfonso Gangitano, Lewis Moran, Jason Moran, Graham Kinniburgh, Dominic Gatto

2. Dominic Gatto

3. Alfonso Gangitano - The Godfather
Victor Brincat - Marathon Man
Graham Kinniburgh - The Munster
Carl Williams - The Truth
Dominic Gatto - The Don
Andrew Veniamin - Benji
Antonios Mokbel - Tony

4. His cousin - (name suppressed)

5. No Jason!