Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Total XS

Another heart felt congratulations goes out to Rhett Hutchence for his first book titled Total XS. We're only up to page 65 but we are gripped by the story of an unconventional upbringing of two brothers. There's an excellent tale where Rhett and his pet albino rat share a moment with Michael Jackson. Rhett had the rat up his sleeve whilst flying first class alongside Mike and his entourage. Here are the details of their encounter in the cockpit:

'Hello, my name is Rhett, and I just want to say hi and introduce you to my rat'.
Michael was going through a stage when he dressed like Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, he sounded like him too.
'Oh he's so beautiful, he's so cute,' he squeaked.
'He's a big fan of yours,' I said.
'Oh I love animals I love rats. What's his name, Ben?'
'No. His name's Plague.'
'That's so cute, I love animals, I love rats.'
'Well we'd better be going. I hope you enjoy your stay and have a good tour.'
'Oh thank you. Bye Plague. I love animals, I love rats, he's so cute.'