Friday, October 08, 2004


We've always wanted to go to Space and now Sir Richard Branson is making it possible. Of course we are hoping that he will invite us along on one of his trips. Like Sir Richard we are very interested in the Grand Scheme of Things. Our studies in existentialism also attract us to the voyage. It really is the only way we (and Sir Richard) can experience the reality of being a speck in the universal ocean. We also think Sir Richard is handsome. Claire reckons the best way to achieve your dreams is through creative visualisation, using sequence rather than narrative...................................................................... a Baby Boomer, Sir Richard is a rebel billionaire who can handle his drugs. Cruising the Grand Nothingness we share the Virgin Galactic Hookah connected to SpaceShipOne's fuel tanks of nitrous oxide. Sir Rich is so witty we're wetting ourselves, which assists in the prevention of Puffy-Head Bird-Legs Syndrome. Sir Rich is so terrified of Puffy-Head Bird-Legs Syndrome, where microgravity causes body fluids to congregate in wrong places, he has designed us special suits that are very tight, very slimming second skins, sort of 'Nancy Ganz 4 Space'. Witnessing the extent of orbital debris out there raises our environmental concerns and we gingerly put them to Sir Richard. He tells us in no uncertain terms that space junk can be likened to free radicals like himself and that in the name of progress they are part of the equation.