Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Royal Qiz Competition

Win the perfume created especially for Princess Grace by emailing us (punkandblanket@yahoo.com.au) your Royal Qiz answers!
Entries close midnight, March 1st 2005, Australian Eastern Summer Time.
Answers will be posted shortly after closing date.

1. When Prince Charles came to Australia as a young man he went to a very special school camp, what is it's name?

2. Lady Di once strapped fossils to her legs as a form of natural therapy, true or false?

3. What killed the Queen's favorite corgi?

4. What was the theme of the party where Prince Harry wore a Nazi costume?

5. What is the purple corridor?

6. Which Royal has designed and constructed his own egalitarian and energy efficient village?

7. What is the name of the Zimbabwean lass currently dating Prince Harry?

8. Before her untimely death Lady Di was in talks with Kevin Costner regarding her starring in The Bodyguard 2, true or false?

9. What is the name of the guy photographed sucking Fergie's toes? Bonus point for his job.

10. Which Royal couple's pet names for each other are Gladys and Fred?


1. Geelong Grammar School's country outpost, Timbertop, where the children of the rich take initiation rites and "rough it".
2. True
3. Princess Anne's bull terrier
4. Native and Colonial
5. The Queen of England's private air space.
6. HRH Prince Charles
7. Chelsea Davey, now former girlfriend, due to alleged intervention by future Princess Consort, Camilla Parker-Bowles, who is said to have likened Chelsea to the unpredictable late Princess Diana.
8. True
9. John Bryant, Texan financial advisor.
10. Prince Charles and Camilla.