Monday, August 30, 2004

About Claire Voyant

Claire has been our Guide for a number of years. Her readings have been instrumental in all the decisions we make, from selling shares to the colour scheme of our blog. Claire sees her forecasting talents as a sacred gift so she would never use them for financial gain. We noticed early on that her mystical expertise gravitated to the more prominent members of society. Way before Milli Vanilli were exposed Claire was sure "those boys were not singing those songs". Before we knew the author had made it all up Claire told us how she had experienced headaches and dizzy spells whilst trying to read The Hand That Signed The Paper. When news broke of the Michael Hutchence/Paula Yates Affair Claire sent us an email saying she had a bad feeling about 'those two". Clearly our friend Claire is extraordinarily gifted.

Given Claire's obvious connection with those in the limelight we are proud to have her contribute to our blog, occasionally and when it comes.