Sunday, December 04, 2011

John 'Jack' Elliott

As you guys know we are really good friends with Jack Elliott.  He loves us.  He's 70 now and had a few turns to celebrate.  We didn't go to the big do at Gary Morgan's, we know what Gary's parties are like.  Apparently Ted Baillieu showed his bourgeois face. The Savage Club was more our kinda thing, it is spacious, restful and presents a civilised place of meeting, conversation and relaxation against a background of superb furnishings and appointments.  The 'bohemian spirit' of the place was juxtaposed with the jazzed up working class food, roast, puddings, white bread and butter.  Because Jack never drinks crook wine we had good shit.

Just before pudding Jack came and smoked between us, making his usual ribald comments about Joanne being away a lot and how we should come to his penthouse with no undies.  We have known Jack long enough to recognise the pattern, he is about to lead in with a matter of deep importance to him.  Sure enough, before too long Jack wants to know what happened to his album that we recorded with him.  We explained again - because we'd told him before - that our house burnt down, the files were destroyed.

Jack asked us if we had one of those Smart Phones, or whatever they are called.  As we did have one of those phones on our person we end up in the toilet for 'Disabled Savages and Laurie Oakes'.  Jack reckons the acoustics are magnificent in there.  He wants to give Joanne one of those cards that sing when you open them.  He's got the perfect song for her.  She works for Qantas.  And with all that travel she can have him with her all of the time.  He turned out the lights and told us to hit record. We did.