Saturday, July 15, 2006

At Last, Fashion For The Blackshirt!

As numerous middle aged male friends of ours have become raging Blackshirts, lashing out at friends and family, punching walls and generally bringing everyone down with their bad vibes and ear bashing, we have decided to do something for the enraged man. The punk & blanket D.A.D Tee is designed to empower the Blackshirt, especially as the iconography is emblazoned across the solar plexus (home of the soul). We want these downtrodden single fathers to know that they are being heard, cos they are. A lot. By everyone around them. The punk & blanket D.A.D Tee also provides a valuable community service by identifying these pained individuals to people who may already have enough of them in their lives. The Blackshirts we know have tested our patience; they ask questions without listening, tell endless stories where the world is to blame and they all seem to have a peculiar interest in the plight of Steve Bing and Mick Jagger. What particularly offends us is the fact that these angsty blokes know we understand their woes and therefore indulge themselves in our company. Sure, some Blackshirts may have genuine grievances, but some are just addicted to Ice.