Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What Next For New Zealand's Mental Case?

The sun was going down and we had just thrown our russ-filled rocks into the sea (as per Claire's instructions - see previous post) when we heard the good news: russell crowe has finally been arrested in Manhattan. He chucked a phone at a hotel employee and lacerated the poor boy's face. Not convinced by russell yet again spinning his usual good husband/dad line - that his telephone call with 'his family' got interrupted - we called our friends at the NYPD. They surprisingly informed us the family angle was true and directed us to the Coffs Harbour Police, Local Area Command (also our mates) with whom they are conducting a joint investigation. The guys reckon that a long-winded conversation between Danielle and her husband drove the hungry and heavy-set Charles Spencer Crowe to gnaw through the telephone cord.