Friday, July 23, 2004

Secret Prison Tapes

We are in a highly excited state. We have in our hands a tape secreted from Port Philip Prison. The tape contains conversations between the Armed Robber and Matthew Wales that form the basis of the as yet unpublished book "Matthew: Dark Prince Of Wales" (working title). The first part of the tape is a bit boring, it's just Matt going on about his bad childhood. It starts to get interesting when Matt links hairdressing with the murders. We had to re-wind that bit. Unbelievably he is telling the Armed Robber that there are pressure points on the back of the head that can trigger death. He learnt this in 'Shampoo, Conditioning and Head Massage' during his hairdressing apprenticeship. The interview comes to an abrupt ending with the sounds of Paul Denyer's hairdryer being run up and down the bars. He is demanding Matthew give him a blow wave.