Monday, July 05, 2004

Mission Beach

This blog is dedicated to the Founding Fathers of Surrealism.

It is our mission to comment on events in popular culture.

We are against the notion of 'celebrity' - we believe it to be an unsavoury phenomenon that is threatening to destroy the civilised and 'uncivilised' worlds. Celebrity has infected all walks of life and is playing havoc with the minds of the young and the restless. We will be tracking the media and highlighting the transgressions of those who have lost themselves in a wash of self aggrandisement though the misuse of infamy. We will celebrate those who handle notoriety with grace.

We are already known on a particular forum as muckrakers however we feel that the commercial interests of the unsaid forum impeded our work as we were banned several times because our work was incomprehensible to them.