Thursday, December 21, 2023

Britney In Her Red Boots


Gary Indiana

Acrylic On Board


Friday, November 17, 2023

Prize Turkey Of The Year 2023 - Only One Contender

Harry Windsor-Spencer


Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex


His Dimness

Temper Boy


Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bad Ad Brad Part 2

Yes, its true, we were invited to illustrate Brad Pitt's latest GQ shoot.  After the last time we didn't think this would happen, but they told us he thinks we make him look like a really nice person.  We can confirm that the rumours are true - at no stage did Brad say 'no', or 'maybe not'.

Jacket $4,250  Pants $2,700  

Shirt $1,895

Monday, January 17, 2022

Gary Indiana's Debut Painting

Self Portrait With Red Carnation

By Gary Indiana

Acrylic on Board


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Horrifying Moments In Popular Culture Part 5

We can no longer be bothered with this truly 'horrifying' series.  It's impossible to keep up with these shocking moments.   Hair raising and truly disturbing, go directly to Instagram, @Madonna.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Friday, December 27, 2019

No Other Contenders - Just One Unequivocal Prize Turkey Of The Year 2019

Prince Andrew

Son of

The Queen of England


Air Miles Andy
Duke of Pork
Randy Andy

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Scary Bedtime Stories About The Olden Days For Generation Y By The Children Of The Revolution.

1. Back then life was eerie.  When the wall mounted phone rang, whoever went to answer it had no idea who or what might be on the line.

2.  Getting up off the couch, or even worse the bean bag, to change the channel on the television was hell.

3.  Our parents were really hardcore.  They didn't think we were all gifted and they did not gasp with amazement at all the 'clever' things we said.  The self esteem issues and anxiety we still harbour from this today is indescribable.

4.  There were very few coffee shops in the olden days.  Hardly any.

5.  When we spoke disrespectfully to older people they would look at us with a face akin to a stunned emoji.  The terrifying thing was that the face was live, not screen.  Many of us are still suffering flashbacks.

6.  If you were a woman after 2nd wave feminism you were not allowed to ask for help from men regarding gender specific roles.  The blokes said, 'you want equal rights, change the tyres yourself'.  This was before Google and YouTube.  It required rigorous research in libraries, garages and in some cases having to perform sexual favours.  Harrowing stuff.

7.  When you rented a dwelling the convention was to clean it yourself.  There was no vacate clean 'industry' at that time.  If hippies had been previous tenants we cleaned for weeks. Our parents told us we were sooks if we complained.

8.  Elders weren't much interested in our 'feedback'.  They told us feelings were not opinions.  They said they would listen when we had some real experience.

9.  If we would have used catch phrases like 'first world problems', our University lecturers, some of them barefooted, would have marched us out of the room.

10.  We have heard about 'safe rooms' in Universities into which today's students can retreat if the material they study is going to hurt their feelings or make them cry.  To this we have absolutely NOTHING to say. *stunned emoji, blinking*.

Kids, it was spooky.

Be glad you weren't there.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Self-Check Tips for Christmas Lunch Part 2

How To Avoid Battles Over The Table

1.  If you have mediated a family Christmas table for years, and are sick of it, a good idea is to bow out. Read, text or play on a device. Generation Y have made it socially acceptable to gaze into devices in company.

2.  Some dulling of the senses may be required for protection.  Restricted quantities, with wine and hard liquor kept to a minimum.  A nibble of a sedative can be of assistance.  Stoners will know that Xmas Lunch ain’t no place for weed, paranoia can set in, even for experienced smokers.  Fast drugs and heroin should not be used as it will be obvious, everyone will know, and you will never hear the end of it. 

3.  Changing the topic when you see tensions rising is a good idea.  Most families have some commonality of interest, like Footy.  Bring up something like the latest indiscretion of a footballer.  This allows the women to take part too.  The other trick is to go for the latest public scandal.  This Christmas we have a whole bunch of hot topics, the latest ‘missing Mum’, Harvey Weinstein, Don Burke and the mutterings around Menzies Era thespian Geoffrey Rush.  Another method is to make a ‘modern joke’ that everyone will get, for example, vocalising relief that no one in the family is gluten free or paleo, as you reach for the stuffing.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Self-Check Tips for Christmas Lunch Part 1

The only acceptable reasons for openly hating family members' partners are as follows:

1.  Emotional and/or physical abuse, this includes manipulations. If you act, be aware, and have all facts straight.  This is 'strike back like a Cobra' stuff'.
2.  Steals money.

3.  Substance abuse (hard drugs, grog (especially hard liquor), prescription drugs, weed is okay).

4.  Criminality, especially white collar.

5.  Racism.

6.  Boring.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Conjuring A Future For Bachelorette Sophie Starring Gary Indiana As Apollo

I have to tell Sophie I'm here for the right reasons.

I love how she smells.

Trying out my magic wand.

She's mine.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Results for Belting Bingo

Our scorecard for Belting Bingo. As predicted, no surprises. 

Thank you to the fans who've emailed in expressing their gratitude for this tool. We're thrilled it got you through the documentary* 

*3.5 hour ad for a song where weirdos sing with the dead

Monday, October 16, 2017

Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar - Interactive

Tonight we share Belting Bingo, a game for fans tuning in to the Michael documentary.

Mark off the Hutchence tragedy tropes as they come. There is no prize.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hitching a Ride on the Caravan of Sadness

Recently we were commissioned as fashion illustrators by Brad Pitt to 'capture' his shoot for GQ . Unbeknownst to us he's been following us since 2004. He says the first time he saw our portrait of him, he cried. But he can only admit to that now.  "I went through two therapists to get to the right one," he says. Brad tells us this over and over and over again whilst manically sculpting something out of clay. We didn't mention the 2013 portrait was a critical piece, because we really wanted to go to the Everglades. What we didn't realise was that we were joining a Caravan of Sadness touring American National Parks, featuring Sad Dad Brad.

Brad Pitt pulls in to the GQ shoot

Ice Face

Pale Blue Onesie Issey Miyake Men $1750

Ice Face #2 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Advisory List For President Donald Trump

1.  Bring all US forces home - usher in a final end to post colonialism - leave others alone. 

2.  Edward Snowden come home - if it wasn't you it woulda been someone else. 

3.  Chelsea Manning - you are pardoned - you showed us the dark depths to which politicians and bureaucrats are prepared to sink. 

4.  Julian Assange - 2 Options

Option 1 

Tell those Swedes to leave him alone and fly in a Trump helicopter in full agreement from Ecuador and set him free. 

Option 2 

Do an exchange deal with Ecuador whereby Julian goes to America in exchange for Hilary taking his place in the Ecuadorean Embassy. 

Option 1 Probably more realistic. 

5.  Guantanamo Bay - close it - make new prison that is humane. 

6.  Gay Marriage - just do it. No explanation necessary. 

7.  Get in Air Force One (we don't care if your new furnishings are somewhat garish) and fly to North Korea and sit down and have a chat to Kim. We know that you understand he is only 33 and you will work very well with that. 

8.  Russia - same gig as with Kim. Putin would like to be you and that's the edge there. 

9.  China - same deal with Xi Jinping, you will be able to vibe very quickly the score with this cat cause that is your skill. Read about the style of how Mr Gough Whitman went there. You will relate to him. 

10.  Europe - forget it - sinking ship. 

11.  Middle East - probably won't need to do much if you pull the troops out. Let those guys work stuff out themselves. No more need for Isis - let Post Colonial France deal with that mob. 

12.  Mexican Wall - we know it already partially exists and you don't need to do anything there as people forget stuff real quick. 

13.  Social Issues - let American people break free from political correctness and dismantle institutional regulation on this level. Of course the really good things from that era will remain intact - it's gardening Don. 

14. Guns - big challenge - involves the creation of a new mind set for many Americans - big call. We shall see. 

15.  Bono, Bob Geldof, Sting - don't need em - they are fucked and you already know that. If they do arrive at the White House for a cup of tea we will play with them and laugh about it later. 

16.  Queen Elizabeth - get an audience. She's very wise and she can help you. She will laugh at your jokes. 

17.  Prince Charles - old hippy with some good ideas - might waffle on a bit but a good bloke. 

18.  Prince William - don't bother. 

19.  Women's Issues - one voice to listen too - Camille Paglia who supported you all the way. If she's interested give her a portfolio. 

20.  Dalai Lama & Nic Sarkozy - these guys love celebrities and will sniff around. Block their addresses. 

21.  Round up all the Imans and get a confab happening to start or intensify the dialogue about Muslims doing some of the shit themselves re disenfranchised young Muslim dudes with mental health issues and terrorism. 

22.  Australia - be very suspicious of the current Prime Minister. He has already shown that he does not respect your privacy by getting your telephone number through Greg Norman. He has no real power in this country so don't worry about him. If a man called Stan Grant takes the stage he will work very well with you as he is also an outsider.

Monday, August 22, 2016

What Happens When White People Get Lost

We have been flying in and out of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory (AU).  Locals call us FIFO's to tease us as we are not trades people.  Some fans from remote communities tracked us down and sent us 'an invitation to contribute'.  They are compiling an educational manual on why white people do what they do and are how they are.

As much as we knew that we were the right people for this job we had to ask why we were chosen.  It turns out stories from our category House of Windsor are regularly read and discussed on community radio stations, some of them as far away as the APY Lands.  We're big in the desert.

The mob we are working with have given us 6 months (might be longer) to come up with some stories that 'unpack' the ways of the white fella to help Aboriginal people understand them.  We spent a week out bush on community where we hung back, took notes, kinda just listened.  Conversations ran far into the night, but we never asked direct questions, as we know that to be disrespectful in Aboriginal culture.

It was pretty clear that many of the artists felt that there was something strange about the white women who come to work at the Arts Centres.  They reckon some of them 'jealous*' their art by choosing their colours and telling them what things to paint.  Some are a real downer to be around because they seem guilty all the time and often talk very negatively about their families.  This was really something we could get our teeth into.  On the way back to Alice we were so inspired we pulled the vehicle into the Tropic Of Capricorn and scribbled our first allegory.  We wrote in silence, the only sound to be heard was the wind through the mulgas, like waves on an inland sea.  Here it is:

What Happens When White People Get Lost

Modern white people, particularly those from very rich countries, treat their identity in the same way Aboriginal people relate to the land. They need to feel that they are one by themselves and sometimes because of this other people don't matter. When some white people get lost and go looking for their identity it can make them sick.  White people believe that being in strange places will help them to find themselves.  This is why some of the white people who come to the desert want to hang around Aboriginal people.

* Aboriginal English
 Jealous / Jealousing: abusive, controlling, stopping you doing things.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

Australia, we dodged a bullet

Remembering the time when 'somebody' was nearly our next Prime Minister.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Where There Was Fire....Another Melbourne Society Crime Scene Goes Under The Hammer

Yes, we have just returned from the auction across the road.  We are writing this so we don't have to answer calls or text back.  Our impressions are as follows.

About forty people gathered, most of them in black emerging from shiny black vehicles and only three needed to be there.  The building was once a Society Decorator's business, home and eventually his funeral pyre.  Today his showroom was a shrine for real estate agents who'd hung profile features of the Decorator on every spare piece of wall.  The frames weren't what you'd expect, much more subtle and utilitarian.  A chill ran through the tour group as the sound of a disembodied voice called for help from behind a closed door.  Keen to start on time the agents had closed off the upstairs residence and some people remained trapped inside.  We were really annoyed about that because we had wanted access to see (or hypothesize) where the candle might have been lit.

The auctioneer's flu-affected voice sounded like he himself had just emerged from a tinderbox.  He stresses that everything inside is included, except for the chandelier and the doorknob.   He assures the crowd that yes, the coffee machine is included, it's wired in.  He doesn't clarify who gets all the framed memorabilia.

The Toorak kooks were there, decked out in their crazy person clobber.  A dude in vintage Toyota overalls with bowling shoes, ladies with sequined caps, cheese-cutter style and scattered Pug-Bichon mixes. The bidding started at 1.3 million and three dudes fought it out to 2.05.  A tall, perhaps nondescript, man won.  Gesturing his way one of the kooks says to us, "A blue polo shirt, Stuart would have been appalled".

Artist's impression of new owner

Doorknob not included

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ban Ray

Man Ray Contemplating The Bust Of Man Ray

William Wegman 1978

Panda B. (bandit) Contemplating The Image Of Panda B. (bandit)

Melbourne 2015