Saturday, February 18, 2012

Horrifying Moments In Popular Culture History

Madonna on the cover of Hard Candy.

Madonna on stage looking down at Guy Ritchie dressed in white dancing with Kabbalists.

Madonna's sex book.

Madonna trying to seduce Michael Jackson with Jacko giggling at her touches.

Madonna wearing a twin set reading her book to little children.

Madonna in Shanghai Surprise.

Madonna in Body Of Evidence.

Madonna in Evita

Madonna in Swept Away.

Madonna humping a bed lip syncing Like A Virgin on the Blonde Ambition Tour.

Madonna's Emmy Acceptance Speech.

Madonna in her doco titled In Bed With Madonna.

Madonna deep throating a bottle in In Bed With Madonna.

Madonna in Africa purchasing children.

Madonna adopting an English accent.

Madonna at 53 dating men in their early twenties, one of them named Jesus.

Madonna at her 'intimate gig' in Paris ranting about politics in English for 8 minutes of her 45 minute set.

Madonna at her 55th Birthday Party dressed as Marie Antoinette with eye patch and teeth grill.

Madonna seen dancing to her own songs with Lourdes & Rocco at said party.

Madonna becomes Liberace.


Madonna wearing sunglasses for the entirety of the show at her daughter's performance in her school production of Grease.

Madonna's 25 year old toyboy drops her and she feels 'used'.

Madonna shows off penis-shaped bong on Instagram

Madonna adopts rapper speak on Instagram

Madonna still thinking she's rad.