Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ray Of Light

I have just come off the Kabbalah site. I do not feel very well. They say if I want the wisdom I should read The Zohar, a 23 volume book - woooooooooooooo! I learnt that the Zohar radiates a light that eradicates all darkness, which includes 'all' forms of negativity, from this world. It can even cheat death. This light is for everyone. And when you find it it's like turning on the LIGHT SWITCH TO YOUR LIFE. There are no Deities only YOU YOU YOU. I realised I could decode Mad-Esther's tune Ray Of Light. I understood why Mad-Esther and Guy Ritchie wear white. I wondered if they had shaved their little boy's head so that he'd have better access to 'The Light'. I wanted to know more but they said I had to pay. Jerry Hall did say they love money.